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. the vatican asked catholics everywhere for their opinions on major social topics that warns don't expect a rapid change of position the us state is sending to the polls in the first major round in action since preston track obama was returned to the white house announced yet the new york democrat was elected this man for the first time since nineteen eighteen ninety. though the dusty and cruised to victory in a one of the most liberal political platforms in us. it included tax rises for the wealthy. the new jesse's the man tipped to be a possible republican presidential candidate in twenty sixteen chris christie was the city re elected as governor. already a puppy that figo often astounding as the price is off to see if the stillness and eight christy sort of role political appeal distancing himself from the extremes of the conservative tea party movements. and isn't in yet democrats in the sinai at the clintons tearing the car lift one by the narrowest of margins against his republican rival confounding pitching and isabelle was the swing states. on an estate tuesday's results could pro
of the iranian representative at the mediation table don't want to know what the cat though. that also meant to bring syria is warring sides to get the teeny can see it without any preconditions for me the county the opposition's to the heights of theoubt as to when the conference will be held. arab and western officials have said it's likely to be convened this month. follow up i suppose a cyst his friends jen and is believed to be the best time in a tense in northern mali has been flown to the cap that obama had candy repatriation to fronds the deficit been described as cold blooded assassinations by france's foreign minister who's out to track down the chemist the two were lacking clarity of france in tennessee now note that all eight fifty eight an easy st de paul who was fifty one were abducted off into during the heat as it were accepted to scream their bodies were found by french patrol twelve can eat is outside kid out the best place of the top deck uprising which comes to money into chaos last year front street still has two hundred shapes in the area of this magnitude operation to
as it plays host to such a great pics. caught on camera but no idea what the deal lisa don't demand that the suspect in monday's shootings at the offices of the new space but apparently on the banks the senate a generale in paris the authorities believed the gunman was also responsible for breaking in the office is at the tv channel most friday and the hijacking a car seen off during can find outside sun tanned. this unique ill post a couple we have been a tendancy of the four cases and moving images on there and i felt it is addressed in the nation's do you suspect that it was an aggressor in each case too. one man is being treated for serious injuries after being shot in the chest with a statement and two different eras tech courses in east central paris and at the fiat that were no injuries from the instant outside soft sand in the west and business district about that follows. the french authorities say they didn't know that the gunman as many tapes that media outlets across paris a pincushion to police protection filing still nice to be off the season with the new space at the
't condemn self which is very important so that we can find apples. it is about to smash it is the lpc don't know yet to understand why he wants to attack the new zealand the eighth and i wanted to see a newspaper and firearms safety occasion about it then the kiddos to me that it was this petition on. last friday a massive manhunt was launched on phenomenon and to the press tv station on monday the same individualist top of that can fly and seriously injuring one person in the offices of the news paper let us see on the gunmen then five shots outside the bank before hijacking a car. he is foreign policy chief catherine ashton e g the fact it took save reminds me of the program reads you. the us is more day but the barry hall is to see that breakthrough deal this week cautious optimism that a deal can be reached. iran's foreign minister as i read he's leading his country speaking for the team team with a six run lead is towards an unknown killer courts. i hear a news correspondent in geneva says so says from behind the cash to say it is the position if the eighth week of three changes brea
and patter i don't like others on this ferry is known to me to that brings the blinds to talk about and he's checking his wife and children are still on leave maybe cos of me thinking what happened. my tummy. i think the beads. i'm bored globe and seek the company keeps the doctor a three day charity from saudi arabia when the construction was that this is what traveled found a safety reduced to rubble light brown tights to dhoni on. that was to promote his family the best songs the time but nope too promising. with no moral the day and one by one and a piece of the leaf children and then she will think you can double early in the palermo lineup. this may make me sick and got some fall is by his whiny welcome to come in a country in mourning this is one family from their toll been bitten trial against those accused of the sinking of the best teaching is expected to deliver its verdict later on wednesday. the prestige oil spill in two thousand and two was spain's worst ever environmental disaster the prosecution has asked for a twelve year jail term for the ship's captain of this chief engi
. will there be any repeat of the racist taunting out in moscow. don't know a normal girl with the victim who cannot but be done. as of tuesday made it an import from the state of the club's i don't know why the beanie and a new beginning of the beginning don't know was we choose their own acts on by. and i knew if i liked it and make the punishment of duty in the intestines. interested in strikeouts to the effect it has a cough injury. this is a win tonight if the oer results in their favor they qualify for the champions league knockout stage for the first time a cause for celebration for show. but the road the main salon and next plays far away. i eye the top. you can. you know the other one the we are the and all. off. it is. i bet it the heat. zz yet. in the eye. says. says. i know i did. the light landed me an american talk about that how are women and powerful if you empower women year empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empower
of the night don't count on over to the challenge is to place a three year investigation if it's wrong to company that distributes the shelf for investigation. the first station in the msm has increased by the end of the day for the post it. if on a seven to four hits with the rate is declining environmental a's baby increase on the recent loosening of the country's environmental goals by the government. scientists create it the fence at them then they throw candy to scrounge easy to relax for the icelandic eruption in two thousand and five. most of peace to be several thank you to use. they wanted to see if passing to paint hers cut it with youtube kelley costs. he thinks penchant for tp taxes the team led by abbas and ec gets. throughout that time at the insanity that they if the study of winston fronds the welsh any of the icelandic folk painting three years to get shot down the east of europe's s base to six days. millions of passengers days. i'm posting our lines more than an eighteen year raise the result if the tests scientists found that since it did six sets to beat it out to
is territorial waters. starting out on the don't read it to recovery son damian begin the cleanup up to being best advice i can cleopatra. some al qaeda linked group says it was behind the deadly double suicide attack on the iranian embassy in beirut. or. this cautious optimism is that a deal can be reached during weapons states resumption of talks in geneva for a non speaking of program. foreign minister mohamed show that sony is leading on sleep is taking tea with the six world powers towards an admission of course it could mean his country having a sneaky activity in exchange for manatee the need for sanctions. the sixty. it would be the beginning all you need to be a copper color in beating previous. so the quantity of the titanic view that the event. i can i connect to the port of call in him is that he sees taken on such sanctions should not be lifted until love to run can still in its uranium. he was present broke a bone but downplayed the impact the lifting of limited sanctions would have my hope and expectation is not the word of a sold all of this just this week in and this interim
open for trade. i just don't have the day to get the picture you can look at stages with an emphatic thought it would have applied to consider the baby on wednesday the judge fails to listen. when he comes from the pitiful one that got us a try. this result sees how her children still top spot with a bit of a big. with such force that the rest of the edging on the job is to what the haunted house the former chelsea winger vital to the article said it's a helpful and useful says cables to be one of the bus stop so. i do milton son souls who was a regular in brazil's world cup winning sides of nineteen fifty eight to nineteen sixty two has the leading trio from complications caused by the infection. santos who was known for his runs down the wing spends his entire career with all the fall. he represented the brisk autumn seven hundred and twenty three occasions and won six major titles. switzerland's diary of kona has resumed trading market again off to celebrate with injuries to his one time we hit this month. according to reports that twenty seven year old will miss up to two months
by the prime minister stated that talks on the don't plan to ccas in agreement with to be halted but now acting the tf would focus on strengthening economic ties with moscow. i seek state he said. it's an opposition party says prime minister aznar as decoration completely contradicts his previous decorations and days of president nixon and perfect consenting european integration you who read the review new widget is the more things mean a statement that he says what to tell the truth. bake nine to heads of state said the international community and to ukrainians are a man i know the source of great books is to breathe ukraine's deputy prime minister says the decision makes economic sense. moyer in the remote should cost and all that much of europe this week didn't get a reassuring message from my european comments. we went to advance the law says in all commercial relations with russia that we've been suffering in the last four months will be balanced by the future sales of products on european markets to move into. heading out to negotiations at the eleventh hour advance of strategic questions
. i think that that today's print edition don't think that way which is going nowhere because knowing challenge any chance of a deal that operate its ukrainian protested outside the venue desperately cold for a change of heart. yet i cut it to sunday night's battle. they are inky at thousands of ukrainians continued to protest against the government's decision to hold off on signing a deal with the eu. with some keeping around the clock vigil. as endemic with its claims he cannot afford to attend his back on the sky for the protest is with robin to the plants. mike is the wave. i want to grow up in a soviet system as my parents stayed. i want my children not knowing what democracy is a daunting to mediate it when i received my b says. nobody felt the tug of alicante and. the a report that nobody in keeping the trains to oz sent out to police that support the bid and nine. it was something odd. i wanted to stress that these people and i'm ever grateful to them. for that week the european position is this unification we can see it soon if the summit competes with nice sign of a signatur
to invite you to germany rests with gemini. i'm a gemini and i don't mind all of course you can govern see the secure or achievements to snowed in with a juvenile authorities the only thing that's needed is the wheels to do it this morning. revelations that the us by going gemini coolest outrage that outbreak has since been exacerbated amid allegations that britain also eavesdrop on its eu allies from its embassy place to the brandenburg gate in the hall to the gym and capital the artistic director of the poll showing valley has described the moment he had acid thrown in the space suit the eighth inning and suffered severe burns after being attacked outside the small scale head in january. he was speaking at the trial of old choi down said about the meat reach a panel charged with causing the assault and two with a man accused of carrying out the attack was reasonable for what we need to consider what billy has said because he has said a lot of things that women all in his previous testimony. the loss of this information is new. i'm dying need to practice it or what both of us was that pro
science in space. erin. now we don't hear of her heroes. we take different. for the second stage antics are in great shape a look at them but they are five. to be very effective from the train. two hundred the international space station he killed during an interview and also in the buick and the olympic torch that was brought up with the story is true. were i i. he says. he says. and the dough. in. the i am sending him a fair hearing another edition of destination with me. italy is well known for its food but the most recognizable desert to this country is tiramisu this hotly disputed where was that they possibly can to be so quick confectioners goddaughter. let me insert the woman's name was princess cup glory but her maiden name was tiramisu. i'm here at lot one to find out how this decadent dessert is made. you must check in since it was going to shows exactly how the day. here is a start today the ato a bit. and then got a little bit loose one it is not sweet at all isn't it. so when all is that. the best cds of his guests. oh and they become little people. it's there want. the nam
. as olivia to the saudis don't want furnace any moles they want is to be a millionaire at least two people were killed in such a day some rest. the violence follows a nice roundup of migrant workers last week when an amnesty lead to new employment rules six clients there are around nine million farm workers in saudi arabia deal so it is hard to cut that number in a bid to reduce unemployment among its a nationals. democrats are more was two hundred nations will begin talks on monday in the polluted sky between walsall to prepare for global summit on the un climate pact but he developed nations every kid to set two more courses time for emissions cuts but some environmental campaigners say tough action is still the dead the current series. he's a goofball and hunger the court to see him money for poor people in developing countries to the item to adapt. on the impacts of climate science the day feeling right now the eu is still the main group among developed nations urging governments to declare their emissions goals. but critics fear the political focus shifted to the economic crisis. the
as him in the eight ing. it was true. i don't want to be rude to you just have to humiliate us like this casino when all the children you combine this with candy. when the malignant and economic pressure from moscow. yet at the beach but instead read the linked retold in russia he will however still attend this week's eu summit in vilnius the leaky leahy as confident as the traffic routes in kiev encouraging them to chris lien debt credit and. the it's a difficult read it you have to police that night. beneath it the ukrainian people i know you love your country and for the sake of your children and your grandchildren you do everything you can see you crying to be a healer president putin meanwhile to balance the books have influenced the unit and insists the free trade deal between the eu and ukraine and the neighboring russian economy. we did to us on a b fifty two bombers are the center of an escalating not over disputed items socks i see. it gets billed it as the defiance of the u s defense own imposed by china they did what it would take defensive ebay to see that is that the f
to sea. i had clung on to something i listen maybe she can survive that way. i don't know exactly how she managed to do it he added it's hard to believe that for forty nine. just like to spend grief for dolphin said he felt obliged to care for the traumatized say she had to be re named krista in the hopes that eventually she'll be over to view a night that this new beginning in the meantime what's left of it since sunday is taking one day at a time the eu and voices to visit ukraine again in the last ditch effort to break the deadlock over the case if you hit tymoshenko has released a medical treatment is crucial to a proposed landmark trade deal due to be signed soon the prospect of light of the result is faded off ukraine's parliament failed to agree on a drop goal which would allow the jailed opposition leader to be treated in germany last time you want to use the pro eu opposition accuses the government of deliberately trying to sabotage the eu trade deal over the past two weeks ukraine's opposition to submit to fold different drop goals to enable you to tymoshenko to seek medical tre
at being excluded from the game. also i don't know we'll hafta do read out the services of the email nancy for the next six to eight weeks after the argument i picked up a hamstring injury in sunday's victory over rail bases. it's not only a problem of pasta messi will makes argentina's upcoming international matches against acquittal on bosnia. nancy will and to get treatment in barcelona and then couple that season eight is argentina. serbia's novak djokovic stiff and sees atp will toll final cycle with a spectacular performance to beat world number one draft on the couch in the final at the end to a rehearing on the school six thirty six hole. scottish double specially storyline instead of the vents is being banned for two years after testing positive for about a substance. the mighty local born thirty three year old winner of the two thousand and nine wta tour championships failed to convince the tribunals that are tailored to your example was not a result of deliberate dancing. she suggested she inadvertently ingested the drug but drinking water from the run off. with less than a seco
by the london based oxford research group he claims that more than eleven thousand don't like civil war. most of the being killed michael roche announced. but the think tank also says at the seven hundred would execute it the four hundred killed by sniper fire and called it one hundred including infants have been told to it. and the killing has sold over the weekend is full i seem to the east of damascus is said to have killed more than a hundred and sixty people syrian rebels are struggling to break a six month long brocade by forces loyal to president bush on us out. lol well the law the next time she's he dropped it in the ukrainian capital kiev has more than one hundred thousand people protested against a government decision to today in association to the eu. riot police and angry demonstrators fort each other in front of government buildings as one group came to pick. vanessa minister's office says. protesters that bbc praying seems just the two thousand and four are into perdition. eu supporters want ukraine's president vicki and a cat fixed to sign the trade pact with the european unio
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